Organic Growers Conference

Last weekend Justin and I spent an exciting, information-packed and inspiring weekend at the Organic Growers School’s 16th Annual Conference. The 2 days of hour and half classes ranged from alternative technologies (I took one about Biofuels, knowing essentially nothing from the start and another about Passive Solar Greenhouse Design), to soil sciences to culinary and medical herb arts and even to Homesteading. With 58 regular classes to choose from, plus lunch-time speakers and 8 half-day workshops, there were so many classes that we would have love to have taken. However, I feel empowered with the new knowledge I did pick up, and even more momentum to just get out and do it!

Beyond the classes, it was exciting to see so many young people. One of the classes I attended was called Getting onto Land: Creative Alternatives to Buying which was presented by  Bryan Busha Green of Carolina Farm Stewardship Association and Andrew Branan, Executive Director of North Carolina Farm Transition Network which reminded us that the average age of a farmer in the US is closing in on 60 and that tens of thousands of acres of farmland are being lost every year. Even though our work as Urban Harvest is in the city, I still feel that we are part of the community of agri-culturists whose lives are dedicated not only to growing food, but to conservation, progressive ideas and creative solutions. As far as I can tell, farmers are some of the most ingenious and industrious people in America.


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