Dawn’s got plans too

A few weeks ago we announced that we would be leaving Greensboro for the summer to do an internship at Growing Power in Milwaukee, WI. I noted that, since they didn’t accept married couples (apparently from trouble in the past), that we had to only put one candidate forward for the internship. Justin stepped forward and was accepted. My plan had been to spend a relaxing summer with my parents, visiting my sisters and friends as well. However, I too have been accepted for an internship. The farm is owned by Will Allen, founder of Growing Power. But this farm is rural, instead of urban like the one Justin will be at. No doubt, I will learn an immense amount in a relatively short time! And, I believe that we will even get to live together this summer!! We should be well prepared to come back to Greensboro in the fall and “hit the ground running!” Well, perhaps after a bit of rest and some time with the family.


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  1. Heard you guys have plans for Dunleath! Let me know, I can help!
    Presiden, Aycock neighborhood association.


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