Another Fantastic Volunteer Day

Well we’ve removed just about all of the summer stuff!! The Montagnards worked had as usual, despite the damp and cold weather. We had about 20 “students” and 4 native English speakers, so we broke up into 5 groups and tackled the last vestiges of the summer crops. We pulled up all of the tomatoes! Hallelujah! (Most of the time we’re clinging to the summer and scorning the first frost, but for those of us with tomatoes still coming out of our ears, the first frost is eagerly anticipated)!

We also had strong bodies (despite Daniel’s claims to strong mouths—which may do more work than the hands sometimes) that helped to dig 2 more aisles and rid them of crabgrass. Then we laid down cardboard and covered the aisles with mulch—thank you neighbors for the huge pile of mulch courtesy of a chopped down oak. We are much closer to having all the aisles dug then we were yesterday!

Finally, we began to plant some fava beans and cover crop. That means all of our winter crops will be in the ground soon. And a happy little surprise was awaiting us upon our return home: row cover has arrived (no more nibbling for you rabbits)!


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