Community Food Projects Grant

Sometimes I think Urban Harvest is starting to get lucky. But then Justin reminds me this “luck” is actually the meeting of our preparation with the right opportunities. And we’ve had several of these “lucky” opportunities in the last couple of weeks!

Mobile Market StandAs this point, Urban Harvest is funded by our blood, sweat and tears, and a few installation projects. But our vision for a Greensboro where all food consumed in Greensboro is grown in Greensboro, needs some real funding. Here is where we got lucky: At the Alice Waters’ breakfast for policy-makers in September, we had a conversation about a mobile market with Leslie Armenoix of Get Healthy Guilford, and she told us she knew how to get it funded!

So now we’re apply for a grant from the USDA called Community Food Projects, which is absolutely perfect for Urban Harvest! This grant would be enough to fund the development of our full-scale urban farm (see the previous post to learn about our “luck” in finding the perfect opportunity for the urban farm); to purchase a vehicle and set up a route for a physical mobile market; and to develop an intern program where we train people as urban farmers and get them set up with their own urban farm. These people will become our network of urban farmers who will supply the mobile market!

We need you! We need letters of support from our communities, and we need matching funds. A letter of support is free, and you just need to email us and let us know that you’re interested. Matching funds, either in-kind of fiscal, will make this possible, so email us if you may have a contribution to make. This really is for all of Greensboro, and we thank all of you who have already given us your support!

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