How to: Tomatoes

Tomatoes may be the most sought after summer commodity. They are colorful, juicy, and ideal for a festive summer salad, homemade salsa, or just to spice up a sandwich.

perfect to spruce up a summer sandwich

simple green bean and tomato salad

However, many gardeners end up with tomato plants that resemble willow trees or sprawling ground bushes, and tomatoes that are plagued by pests and diseases. Although the tomato plant can survive naturally  in this tangled mess, pruning the plant will result in fuller and healthier tomatoes for consumption (i promise).

suckers are found at a 45 degree angle between the vine and branch

While pruning is completely optional, taking a moment to cut back some of the expanding suckers will save both you and the plant time and energy.  Get the most out of your tomato plants this summer for a lush harvest of bright red and green!

The following videos provide some good groundwork when starting to prune your tomatoes

Pruning Suckers

Tomato Suckers


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