We’re baaaacckk…

One of the challenges of any not-for-profit organization, particularly one that is growing, is finding the time, resources and people to perform the ever-growing list of tasks that need to be done to maintain the momentum of the overall effort. One of those tasks is keeping all of the stakeholders informed. We are blessed in this information age with a convenient way of doing this – the Internet and this wonderful thing called a blog. But the copy doesn’t write itself and most of the many volunteers already involved with Urban Harvest (or any other such worthwhile organization) have things like “day jobs”, families, and “the rest of their lives” to deal with meaning the blog may sometimes slide down the priority list. Ergo, another volunteer steps in – locavore11…

This week’s topic is the Design, Art & Technology Symposium (DATS’10 for short) coming up in Winston-Salem a few short weeks away, October 9th-11th to be exact:

One of Urban Harvest’s roles in this unique symposium is to organize a panel discussion characterized as follows:

With the issues of climate change, questionable food security, a growing obesity crisis, and a faltering sense of community in the forefront of today’s news locally, nationally and globally, a concept as old as civilized man itself, urban agricluture, is making a comeback in a quiet, but steadily growing revolution. In the US as recently as World War II, relatively small Victory Gardens accounted for as much as 40% of the nation’s fresh fruits and vegetables (Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victory_garden). Might urban agriculture be a simple tool  for living in this rapidly changing world while addressing many of the concerns raised above at the same time? Learn about the ways you can get involved in your community and help build that community at the same time around the joy of producing your own sustenance locally.

For more information on the entire DATS’10 symposium, and time and location of our panel, go to 2010.datstriad.org.


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