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Community Food Projects Grant

Sometimes I think Urban Harvest is starting to get lucky. But then Justin reminds me this “luck” is actually the meeting of our preparation with the right opportunities. And we’ve had several of these “lucky” opportunities in the last couple of weeks!

Mobile Market StandAs this point, Urban Harvest is funded by our blood, sweat and tears, and a few installation projects. But our vision for a Greensboro where all food consumed in Greensboro is grown in Greensboro, needs some real funding. Here is where we got lucky: At the Alice Waters’ breakfast for policy-makers in September, we had a conversation about a mobile market with Leslie Armenoix of Get Healthy Guilford, and she told us she knew how to get it funded! Continue reading

Dunleith Development Conversations

The last two weeks at Urban Harvest have been formidable. We’re having a conversation about Dunleith, started a new conversation about another community space, and are applying for our first major grant. News on the latter two as they develop.

As for Dunleith, lets start out with some history. The land at 677 Chestnut St, in the Aycock neighborhood is known as Dunleith because that was the name of the antebellum estate that existed on the site of prominent North Carolina Judge Robert P. Dick from about 1858 until 1969 when it was demolished and planned for new construction. (Greensboro’s Treasured Places) Since then Continue reading

Dawn’s got plans too

A few weeks ago we announced that we would be leaving Greensboro for the summer to do an internship at Growing Power in Milwaukee, WI. I noted that, since they didn’t accept married couples (apparently from trouble in the past), that we had to only put one candidate forward for the internship. Justin stepped forward and was accepted. My plan had been to spend a relaxing summer with my parents, visiting my sisters and friends as well. However, I too have been accepted for an internship. The farm is owned by Will Allen, founder of Growing Power. But this farm is rural, instead of urban like the one Justin will be at. No doubt, I will learn an immense amount in a relatively short time! And, I believe that we will even get to live together this summer!! We should be well prepared to come back to Greensboro in the fall and “hit the ground running!” Well, perhaps after a bit of rest and some time with the family.

Hello World

The almighty wordpress template instructs me to title my first post as “hello world,” so I will go along with that. Hi

Easy enough

So, now that the formalities are over, let us get to it. We hope that this space can serve as a forum for friends, family, and onlookers to find out and talk about food issues in our communities, including: equal access to fresh, local food; increasing local food production and creating a local distribution network; and building a more vibrant local community.

We will share some of the projects that we have been working on, the ideas that we are coming up with, and our vision(s) for the future. We hope that this will help to unite some of the the groups out there with parallel interests so that we can work towards achieving larger, more ambitious goals. 

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