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Urban Farm Plan Amasses Media Attention

This month we have made notable headway in our plans to bring an urban farm to the people of Greensboro. This progress garnered the attention of Michelle Ferrier of Locally Grown News to submit a cover story about Urban Harvest’s work at the Dunleith Community Garden and our long-term vision for a progressive and educational micro farm in downtown Greensboro.

Check out the story here :


Growing Power Internship week #1

We survived our first week at Growing Power! While technically I am employed by Will Allen and his personal farm, I have yet to go there or do work for his farm. Until I have instruction from him, I’ll be working at Growing Power.

Hours so far have been from about 8am – 5pm which isn’t so bad, but it is 6 days a week which can be tiring. The first week as interns, we of course are doing the most menial and boring jobs, but we’ll work up from here. Everyday tasks include taking care of the animals. There are 2 chicken houses, which are too densely populated for my taste; goats (1 adult male for breeding, about 10 adult females for milking and a bunch of kids); 2 sheep; a turkey house with 1 tom and about 6 hens; and a duck house with a lot of ducks, 1 tom turkey for “protection” and a few chickens who are too low in the pecking order to be with the rest of the chickens. They all have to be fed, watered, and fresh bedding added on a daily basis.

I like the chickens the least, and generally I smell like chicken shit after feeding. But despite their density, they are fed well and make nice large Continue reading